Friday, August 7, 2009

Volunteer FOR FREE in Lushoto- Tanzania

Lushoto is one among the many precious districts in Tanzania, it is situated and hidden in the Block Mountains of Usambara, and the weather allows all nations to enjoy their holidays in Lushoto through out the year. It is a little bit cold and during winter season it goes to below 20 degrees centigrade. Its beautiful nature will always make you dream of this little hidden paradise. Most of its nature is still virgin and the noises and songs of birds will help you make an everlasting memory of Lushoto.

The historic sites found in Lushoto will add a flavor to your stay and working in Lushoto. The humble, keen, friendly and welcoming nature of its residents will make you have plenty of friends and more than friends!

Where can I volunteer?

There are so many places and institutions one can volunteer so that, his/ her stay in Lushoto wont be forgotten so easily. There are academic institutions starting from Primary schools to universities where residents would like to share the knowledge and technical-how.

Do you love children? Especially those with disabilities? There is Irente Rainbow School, “The Home of Children with Disability and Autism” come and work with them and see the Power that God has hidden within them! They dig, cultivate, jogging, singing, self hygiene and keeping their environment clean. Among the other question that you will be asked by these Children is; “Do you love us?”.

How to get connected?

There are so many Information Centers in Lushoto and you can also log in to the searching machine and find the most favorable place you wish to volunteer with. Currently and alternatively, I have started this program where I can get your connected to them, whether it is an academic institutions, hospital or society.

Where to leave?

The well built Hotels in Lushoto will cater this issue, there are plenty of hotels and lodge found in this area and which prices are affordable such as Mountain Lodge, Mullers Lodge, Grand Lodge, Lushoto Excutive Lodge, Kialilo and many others. Currently, We have two houses where individuals can rent and enjoy their stay in the land.
Would you like to know some swahili language words and pronounciation? Dont worry, Kiswahili is among the most beautiful and easiest language to learn, the writer of this article did a four year degree in Education majoring in Kiswahili. Learning the language of the Native gives you an opportunity to interract with them and share the knowldge and skills they possess.
Dont worry, we can organize a class for you upon your arrival, we do not teach kiswahili because we are the native of kiswahili but because teaching kiswahili is part of our proffesion and hobby too / Applied Linguistics courses did a lot on this. We are just translating and interpreting from English to Swahili and vice versa.

How to Start?

If you are interested in Volunteering, you can reach Us at mobile: +255 784 48 15 99

This is not an Advert, this is just information, we do not charge you anything, we are here to serve the community.

The writer of this article is Mr. Elli Mshana
The Irente Rainbow School Outreach Coordinator.


Thursday, August 6, 2009