Tuesday, July 20, 2010


After going through so many and so much, I have just come to realize that, JESUS is my hero. Whenever I was down, whenever I felt so desperate, he was there to take my hand, to encourage me, I am now free and I feel so pleased to have at least this column to send these few lines to hail Jesus.

Why dont you join me today and celebrate this much, he has done so much for me that I can not tell at all. Jesus is my Hero.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Letter To Dear GOD

Dear heavenly Father, it is a new day here and sunshines more brighter than yesterday which is quite different from the hearts of many of Us. I thank you for my eyes have seen this day, I thank you for taking care of me through the night, I just called home, they are all fine. I say thank you God.

As I write this letter, I am sitted here all alone thinking on how I am going to pass this day without breaking even one commandment among the ten, I have always wanted to share this with you GOD. I have always wished to bring my complaints to you, but unfortunately, and forgive me Dear God for this; I have always been traped in day today activities, always busy, running from here to there, crying and yelling, blaming others and myself for an uncomplished tasks and unfinished assignments.

Today, I feel my heart is extra extra laden with the worldly tempts, so I have decided to kneel before you, sing a song of Praise and Worship, hand over my complaints to you, hoping that you will listen and answer my Prayers.One, Dear God, give me a soft heart to know you and love, to forgive and forget all the things I had gone through which in fact were not my faults but worldly commitments. Forgive Me. Two, help me to forgive others who have also did me wrong.

Three, as I have completed my studies which are the results of the strong prayers I prayed before you, I beg you Dear GOD, give me a payig job, so that, my studies wont be in vain. You helped me accomplishing this task help me too to complete it. Three, I will go out today, I know that i will probably meet with hose in need; beggers in this sense, Dear God, help me to preach a word of couregous to them, hence let them know that you the ALPHA & OMEGA.

I know, in the place where am currently working as a part time employee, there are so much to makeme fed up, once more, give me the strength to carry on. Dear GOD, I also know and understand that, there are millions of yours sons and daughters living in worst conditiions ever, help them to know you That, YOU ARE the FATHER to them, you wont leave them all alone.

I ALSO, Pray that, those dozens of application letters I have sent, at least one of them become fruitful, not let them end up in the Secretary's dust-bin. I pray that, the Human Rseource Officer to consider my skills and experiences and not my name, gender, religion or tribel background.

Dear God, I pray that you heal all people in hospitals and homes, who have lost thier hope to life, who wish thay could have died today, Give them poer and new spirit to carry on.

Dear GOD, I pray that, tis upcoming sunday, the Priests pray for peoples' needs and not praying for politics.Help me too, that The very moment you grant me that mostly paying job, I glorify your name though my deeds and salary, that I may serve your people with gratitude, that, any person who shall enter in my office, should leave my office with a smile, with a word of encouragement not of discouragement.

But, before I open my eyes, help me have some bus fare and something to eat today,and some cash to post these other application letters, do not give me somuch, but give me accordingly so that I may glorify your name forever. I pray for those, whom I have not prayed for but you know them father. I jesus's name, The name above all Names, Amen.