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Taking a glance at him, he is about 20 yrs old, the first born in the family, he can not tell exactly when he was born because his parents died while he was just a little boy.
I lived with him for a couple of month before I resigned from job to join my masters degree in the University of Dar es Salaam. It is during this time of stay, Ajuaye narrated this story to me, so painful though he narrated it with a smile on his face, I do not understand if the smile was real or ironical.

Ajuaye is a swahili word meaning he who knows, so you can simply conclude that, Ajuaye knows well about his past history and present situation he is in. Whenever Ajuaye started narrating this story, I always avoided to hear it but he kept on telling me, he wanted to release what was inside him.

The strory begins with a smile, He was born about 20 years ago, he is the first born in the family of five children, three of them bieng males and the two female, where the last born were twins.
One day, the second born got lost in an clarified situation, Ajuaye does not remember exactly the year this happened but as per his words one can tell that, it was when Ajuaye was about 10 or 12 years.

It was raining heavily and this little boy was playing in a nearby place, the family also new about him being around home, but when it stopped pouring, he never returned home till in the third day when he was found dead in the nearby bush. The funeral ceremony was done and Ajuaye's young bother was no more with them, the family remained with four kids.

A year later, Ajuaye and his young brother and twins plus their Mom decided to pay a visit to their grand mother, in a neighbour village, it was about three hours walking distance, on the way, the rain started pouring, Ajuaye carried one twin while their mom carried the other and the boy was walking in his own, the rain poured on them for the rest of their journey till they reached their grandmom's house.

They arrived lately in the evening when one of the youngs felt ill ( I dont remember his name), he was taken to the hospital in the same evening, this needed to board the bus, it was about 70 kilometers. I think he was suffering from pneumonia according to Ajuaye's narration. Ajuaye remained home with the twins. When they went to sleep, Ajuaye slept in one bed with Doto who was now about three or four years old as i noticed.

Early in the next morning, Ajuaye got up, lighting fire to prepare poridge for the boy who was admitted to hospital and for them too at home. After a while, the poridge was ready and he ordered the young Kurwa to go in the bedroom and wake Doto to take poridge as their breakfast, few minutes later Kurwa came out telling her brother that; Doto did not wake up though she forced her to wake up, after a while, Ajuaye went in to wake her up, he shruged her but she never woke up again, Ajuaye knew that , this business was over.

He went out in the next house knocking and told the elders what was happening, when these elders came, they proved that the kid was no longer alive. They started making arrangements for the funeral while contacting their relatives too including the mother who took the boy to hospital.

Before the news reached them in the hospital, other news from hospital reached home that, the boy has passed away in hospital when doctors were trying to serve his life.The grave that was to be prepared for the boy who was admitted to hospital yesterday was used by Doto and the boy was burried in hospital graveyard on the same day. Therefore, in 24hr time the family lost two members.

According to Ajuaye, his parents could not tolerate this event, his father went mad, Ajuaye's mother after seeing this, she ran for a rope and decided to hang herself but she could not make it she was served.

In two years after this, both parents passed away after suffering, I can not tell exactly what happened to them but according to Ajuaye, they were suffering from unknown diseases???!! From there, the family of seven members ( 5 children and Mother and Father) remained with two members only; Ajuaye with his young sister- Kurwa.

These children remained in their grandmom's house for quite sometime before a "good Samaritan" came to request the relatives to take Ajuaye to her home. Late in that evening Ajuaye started new life in another house, life at first was easy and good. Ajuaye started seeing new life and the end of those nighmares was over.

Ajuaye was later on used to the environment, the "Good Samaritan" started to assign duties to Ajuaye. At first they were just simple tasks but as time went on things turned vice versa, Ajuaye was then asigned duties which was totally aganist his wish, he was assigned duties to feed the cattle, taking them to the fields and so on.

One of the event Ajuaye will never forget was when he saw lively the thunderstorm killing the sheep he was feeding and burning the tree near him ( as per his narration). Ajuaye kept on standing without understanding and believing what was happening in front of his eyes, what he remembers today is; he found himself at home unknowingly ( He ran may be).

Troubles in this new home became a daily routine, several times Ajuaye slept with hunger, eating nothing till morning. He thought of going back to his grandmother but he could hadrly remember the way back home. He escaped several times but never managed to reach home before he was caught.

What made Ajuaye sad, was the techinique used by this Samaritan to use these orphans ( Ajuaye and others) as a capital in sense that, whenever there was assistance to be provided by either government or individuals, this Mother would consider herself as a good samaritan living with orphans so that she gets extra share.

After two years Ajuaye managed to escape and reach home safely to his grandmom's hut, the trip took him almost a whole day, caught and ran, climbing and dropping. His grandmama is living with Kurwa, the remained twin and now with Ajuaye, the grandmom's age is approximately 100 years, she can still see though not very clearly, she can narrate her past history and that, during the first World War she was already a 'girl'.

Ajauye has been feeding this family and manages his personal needs, he depends little from others.
In 2008 I came across Ajuaye through Mama Magreth, manager of the OVC group, I requested her to allow me to live with Ajuaye since I was living all alone, and here is when I heard of that terrible story, just part of the many stories.

Today Ajuaye is in form three, I am proud of being part of his future. Me and Ajuaye are building a two rooms house for this granmother. She is so kind and I love this lonely family.
I wish to help others that they may help themselves too. This is the great thing, We need to serve others to serve themselves.

For Ajuaye's Past History and Brighter Future to Come.

Mshana, Elineema
Blog manager


Among the wise words I like most include this; "Get you knowledge, Go, Serve with Passion" but these words were also a light to me, these words reads as this; "Go forth with everything you have. You have a long way before you. GOD says: I will be with you, Go with strength I give you."
I found the later phrase posted on the wall in my office, may be the person who was using this office before me posted them on the wall, it doesnt bother me who posted them there but my target is, how many of us receive knowledge and serve others who never received any?

Some days ago, I posted an article with the theme: Volunteering in Lushoto- Tanzania, I wish to present my regards to those who took efforts contacting me for their trip over here to share with this community what they possess. I know most of you wants to work with the Rainbow School- The school for Children with Disabilities and Autism, the only one in the Tanga region ( Comprising about seven districts) as you asked me to plan for your stay in here I promise to do that as early as you confirm with me on your arrival date, but I would like also to invite others to volunteer in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and university as per your proffesional and interests leads you to or community in general.

We all understand that, most of us have knowledge and skills obtained from different colleges and universities, I call upon you, invite you, please, come and serve in our community. The community needs no cash but knowledge as it is said; "Give me no fish but teach me how to fish so I can to do it on my own whenever I need one." I promise to cooperate with you, organize your stay, your activities while exploring and enjoying the beauty of Lushoto block mountains, natural forest, caves, colonial historical sites and much more.

My request is, while enjoying this nature, please, take your time to give back to these communities residing in the sorrounding areas, so that they too can undrestand the advantage of preserving these environments.

Among the other places you may wish to volunteer in include these; Irente- The School for the Blind, also with the Children's Home ( where most of them are Orphans and others with thrown away by their unidentified parents or rejected) and this most interesting place: Irente Rainbow School- The School for children with Disabilities and Autism. At Rainbow school, you may also wish to volunteer in the OUTREACH PROGRAM.

What is the Outreach Program about? This is the program where the Outreach team go out in the suburbs of the Lushoto district, find children with different disabilities and Autism, Identify them, mobilise them, counsell their parents to accpet the condition of their children, make refferals where necessary, assist them where the assistance is crucially needed to serve life of the child, organize classes ( Centers) and use the teacher volunteers to teach them basic skills and life skills.

Oureach to me simply means, go out there, establish, develop and maintain network with the distant population with the same goal but also aiming at achieving the same thing. This is axactly what the Outreach program is trying to achieve here. If these people with different disabilities are assisted in daily activities, most of them will at the end of the day be not burden to us but useful.

We need to build the community of independent personalities not dependent personalities.
I decided to write more about the Outreach Program because I believe it is the place where you will enjoy the extraordinary beauty nature of Lushoto- Tanzania while serving others, the nearest trip of the Outreach program takes about 30minutes from Lushoto town and the longest takes almost six hours passing through the Mkomazi Game Reserve. What else you want to enjoy?


Are you interested in conducting short courses for the community during your stay? May be at Legal, Health, Environment conservation, Agriculture, poultry, Gender, HIV/AIDS issues etc? You want to make a MEMORY during your stay in here? We can help you organize this, we can help you with Translation and Enterpretation cases so that your subject will be delivered as your wish. ......and may be conduct exchange programs!!!!!

Thank you and hope to hear from you, come share with Us your knowledge and skills, together We can build the future we want.

Mshana, Elineeema
Blog Owner
Mobile: +255 753 72 72 65 or +255 784 48 15 99


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Help Age: Sheltering the Unsheltered

It is Sunday, yes it is a sun-day but now it is setting, when I was young, we used to sing a goodbye song to the sun before inviting the moon for night plays. It was marvelous, it is unforgettable gone memories! Today things are different, as the sun started to set, I started a trip to meet this 100 years old Mom, she is living about 4km from where I am living. She lives with her granddaughter; she is 14 years old and an orphan.

The sun now was in its late hours when I arrived in this hut where this lonely mom lives, I need not to nock at the door since the door is open. I decide to take a quick glance at the room, I find her leaning toward the local made cooker, and she is warming her self since it is now getting cold this evening. She invites me in with a muted voice, she is so welcoming but it seems something has happened; her face is full of wrinkles.

I greeted her in her mother language; Kamwene; I am not very much familiar to this language and she is not very good in Swahili which I speak most, so our communication becomes a bit limited. Apart from the grand-daughter there is another person, a brother of this little girl who does not frequently live with this Mom but tries his level best to provide them with basic needs; not shelter.

We start our conversation where this boy acts as a translator between me and her, she tells me a lot. To find out how old she is I decide to ask explorative questions, in many tribes, their culture does not allow them to tell their age! She tells me that, during the WWI she was a young lady and that she remembers all that what happened by that time!

She was married to a man of her tribe and had eight children among whom four a still alive. She knows not how to read and count but she understand facts and can explain the event in relation to another event, example, she says, her first born was born during heavy rain season!!!

The most touching and hurting story she tells is complaining about her remaining children, they no longer take care of her, since I entered in this hut, she showed how much she was unsatisfied with this shelter she is sheltering in! It is a two rooms hut; she uses the front one as a bedroom, sitting room and kitchen with her grand daughter, the inside one is used by this boy as the bedroom and store.

Unintentionally, I ask her, what can I help? Her answer touches me down bottom of my heart, I feel tears comes to my eyelids; she points to this hut and tells me; this is kind of shelter I will DIE in! My response to her question is what is seen on this photo, though I have nothing much but I decided to shelter her before she leaves the world as it has been her great demand

My aim of writing this article, is not to disclose personal life of a person neither to show what I have given but to remind the community that; there are people who need our attention, assistance, care and love, that is a forgotten and denied age of those who have brought us to here we are and who we are today; but this is also a person concern of serving my community to shelter those who are unsheltered. Before the sun set today, before you reach at the same age and rejected, think and ask yourself how much you have given back to the community, back to the aged person, if she is treated like this today, ask yourself; who is next? Isn’t you? Your Mom, sister, daddy or…..! Help Age shelter the unsheltered.

GOD bless you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

OVCs: The Lost Hope?

Orphans and vulnerable children have been and is still a hot issue surrounding the community in many developing countries as is with the case of Tanzania.
For a couple of years now, so many centers have been established to serve these children but as the matter of fact, the problem has been expanding as if those centers do not exist.

Nature of OVCs

The problem of OVCs in our communities have been the result of many factors but for this case, several factors are vivid, and these including the following but not limited to it.

The Impact of HIV/AIDS

This article will not attach any statistical documents regarding the Impact of AIDS in the community instead, it will generalize since every community is and or have been touched by the problem.

The impact of AIDS have left so many families with no father or mother or both and in many cases, other families have perished. Most of the families where there are survivors, are children who at the time of their birth, their parents were negative but later they are attacked by the disease, suffering and dying leaving number of homeless children or going to live with their grandparents who have nothing to feed these children. Therefore, children flee from home to look for bread.

It is true that, many communities and societies especially in developing countries have witnessed the separation of families, It is now becoming normal for a father or Mother to divorce and leave the innocent children suffering or running away from their families, so many literatures narrates about the problem. The result is; the community witnesses the increasing number of OVCs.
What causes and why Divorcing is still unknown although there are some written documents regarding it but there is no actual reason for divorce only being that, one side complaining that, her/his partner was not the right person she/he wanted to be with! Sometimes, the problem is associated with the economic reasons. we can simply conclude that, divorce is just like a setting sun for the children

Lack of Guidance & Counseling services

Guidance and counseling seems to be a new thing in our societies today but in reality, it existed even longer before only that it was done by elders only where the matter/problem existed and it involved only few participants. Guidance and counseling lost it necessity somewhere but soon after the emergency of AIDS guidance and Counseling aroused; this time associated with HIV/AIDS only for individuals wishing to go for testing.

As the matter of fact, now the community especially at family level live in great frustration to the extent that, a family member can decide whatever s/he thinks is okay, such condition has also contributed to the lack of children’s necessary needs leading them to live under vulnerable conditions.

The Case of Civil Wars

Civil wars have been there ever since, where civil wars exist, children always becomes the victims of the wars where most of them are being used not employed in armies, raped and killed. For the few who manages to flee from fighting, they end up living in horrible conditions, frustrated and having no hope for tomorrow.

Lost Hope?
Yes of course, me and you have contributed in loosing hope to these OVCs, the reason is open. Take a minute, close your eyes, try to backup your memories, retrieve the hardly. Now, tell yourself how many times you volunteered in community services to serve OVCs? How many times have you ever thought of sharing the little you have with them? How many times you prayed for them and encouraged them?

Who is responsible of taking care for OVCs? Government, NGOs, churches or me and You? Didn’t you ever think that, you too have contributed to the problem?

Relive their Hope

The community is me and you and the dearly children, why don’t you today take a step ahead, changing your mind toward them, loving them, caring and sewing a seed of a today nation.

Dear NGOs owners, how faithful have you been in serving these children or have you turned them in an Income generating tool? Feeding you at the expense of orphans?

What are their needs?
Remember, they are human being jus you are, they need love, they care, they need to be appreciated and not ignored as if they are bastards.

Materials alone won’t help anything, educate them and they will never forget you, teach them how to love and they will never hate. Encourage them that they can be what they want be.

Improve their health facilities to make them stay on track, preach love to enrich their mind.

Sheltering the OVC

They need shelter, they need and deserve to be sheltered from all sorts of life storms, we need to learn how to love them and care for them for they are ours. This hut seen in the photo is real, they in here, the whole family, no toilet, nothing of hope! and that is what they cloth. Save them

Mshana, Elineema

Friday, August 7, 2009

Volunteer FOR FREE in Lushoto- Tanzania

Lushoto is one among the many precious districts in Tanzania, it is situated and hidden in the Block Mountains of Usambara, and the weather allows all nations to enjoy their holidays in Lushoto through out the year. It is a little bit cold and during winter season it goes to below 20 degrees centigrade. Its beautiful nature will always make you dream of this little hidden paradise. Most of its nature is still virgin and the noises and songs of birds will help you make an everlasting memory of Lushoto.

The historic sites found in Lushoto will add a flavor to your stay and working in Lushoto. The humble, keen, friendly and welcoming nature of its residents will make you have plenty of friends and more than friends!

Where can I volunteer?

There are so many places and institutions one can volunteer so that, his/ her stay in Lushoto wont be forgotten so easily. There are academic institutions starting from Primary schools to universities where residents would like to share the knowledge and technical-how.

Do you love children? Especially those with disabilities? There is Irente Rainbow School, “The Home of Children with Disability and Autism” come and work with them and see the Power that God has hidden within them! They dig, cultivate, jogging, singing, self hygiene and keeping their environment clean. Among the other question that you will be asked by these Children is; “Do you love us?”.

How to get connected?

There are so many Information Centers in Lushoto and you can also log in to the searching machine and find the most favorable place you wish to volunteer with. Currently and alternatively, I have started this program where I can get your connected to them, whether it is an academic institutions, hospital or society.

Where to leave?

The well built Hotels in Lushoto will cater this issue, there are plenty of hotels and lodge found in this area and which prices are affordable such as Mountain Lodge, Mullers Lodge, Grand Lodge, Lushoto Excutive Lodge, Kialilo and many others. Currently, We have two houses where individuals can rent and enjoy their stay in the land.
Would you like to know some swahili language words and pronounciation? Dont worry, Kiswahili is among the most beautiful and easiest language to learn, the writer of this article did a four year degree in Education majoring in Kiswahili. Learning the language of the Native gives you an opportunity to interract with them and share the knowldge and skills they possess.
Dont worry, we can organize a class for you upon your arrival, we do not teach kiswahili because we are the native of kiswahili but because teaching kiswahili is part of our proffesion and hobby too / Applied Linguistics courses did a lot on this. We are just translating and interpreting from English to Swahili and vice versa.

How to Start?

If you are interested in Volunteering, you can reach Us at mobile: +255 784 48 15 99

This is not an Advert, this is just information, we do not charge you anything, we are here to serve the community.

The writer of this article is Mr. Elli Mshana
The Irente Rainbow School Outreach Coordinator.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009


HIV affects our most private emotions, our sexuality, our security and trust in relationships and future. Having HIV is nothing to be ashamed about, but many people may feel afraid to tell their friends, colleagues or even family. They may feel not emotionally prepared or they may fear the social consequences of others finding out. This has become different to PLHA cluster members the group have been strengthen day after day.

The group started with very few members who shared the fact that they are HIV positive. They were worried about confidentiality, meeting in secret places. At the end they didn’t know what they were doing or thinking or even who they were. Since they started working with ROADS project the situation changed, there are hundreds of people joined and access services provided by the group. One of the group member shared her story, that she decided to check her sero status and join the PLHA cluster after receiving a very good support and care from HBC providers who are also HIV positive and members of PLHA cluster, before she was not believing that you can continue with your normal life after found your HIV positive but since joined the group her perception changed. Now she found new hope and vision through the group.

PLHA cluster members are free to speak out about their status, many members witness that soon after joining the group they met friends who changed their lives. They realized that, they hadn’t done anything wrong, they are not criminals and they have even get married which is what most people tend to lose when they found to be HIV positive.

Furthermore PLHA in the group testify that before joining the group they faced lot of problems in the community, they didn’t know where to go when they are discriminated in their own families, but through various trainings received have enabled them to have one voice to fight for their rights and to show that they are still productive and no difference from any one else. The only difference is that they are HIV positive which is not the reason to discriminate them.

What is your ROLE in this?

We Belong to Them: The Story of Zaida

The HIV/AIDS epidemic destroys children’s lives by forcing them to assume caregiver and providers role. Most live with and are cared with grandparents or single parent. ROADS project scale up OVC services through integrating systematic intervention, supporting and training volunteers, care givers and community OVC committes and by addressing service delivery issues. By doing so ROADS have improved the lives of many OVC/MVC in Makambako Township.
Zaida is a girl with, seventeen years old for the past three years her life was surrounded by mixture of sadness, isolation and aggression. Zaida is the oldest daughter and has the task of looking after her young sisters. Zaida was living in Makete in a very desperate situation, in 2003 her aunt took to live with her in Makambako. In 2007 things became worse, her aunt failed to continue supporting her and send her back to Makete the family in Makete abandoned her and decided to come back to Makambako where by one of ROADS OVC care provider decided to live with her.

In early 2007, Zaida was registered as OVC /MVC in ROADS project, since then has been benefited from various services and trainings provided by ROADS through care providers. Mligo who is care providers is saying that since Zaida joining ROADS project has changed mentally and physically, she is self reliant and happy. In the mid 2007 the project enrolled her in vocational training where she was attached to local artisans for tailoring skills.

These opportunities provided by ROADS project has provided her with enough skills to be self sustaining and financially independent. Now Zaida through the effort of MVCCs in mobilizing community resources has managed to convince one of the community member to attach her in her office and provide her with working equipments. The money earned are invested in catering services where by three OVC joined together to perform this work. ROADS project have been using the catering services provided by this group of OVC/MVCs during various trainings.

Now Zaida is able to support the rest of her family and herself.

The involvement of community in supporting the development of their communities has been important especially in helping people who are in need, some of the members of the society are able to help other people but they need education and recognition that they can do so.

This has been successfully through the initiative that has been done from one of our plan that the cluster has done on educating the Village Committee from the training on educating the community as one of the strategies that each group of village committee was proposed, where by they use that strategy to educate the villagers to save through village committee and care givers which work hand in hand with our project.

The knowledge obtained from the training enables the Committee to communicate the importance of supporting the most vulnerable children’s by the local people, they are then able to convince their village residents to take personal responsibility for the local MVC/OVC, rather than just leaving their care to work of donors. In Mjimwema A village, the OVC/MVC Committee persuaded village residents to take their own initiative and donate goods such as sugar, soaps, coneflower, maize, rice and groundnuts to the MVC and OVC through Chasawaya which is our anchor project.

We appreciate the initiatives the local community has taken, and feel this sort of personal responsibility is vital to the longevity of our program. Community initiatives provide a sustainable source of goods from the village itself and encourage a level of independence rather than depending on the finite resources of donors such as our donor support, with this initiatives and the education that the villages are receiving from our project they can help themselves in the future to stand on their own though now it is like a dream but we believe that in the future this may produce a good seed of the reality that our project is planting to people by the time being.

They are so many, remember, We belong to them

Elineema Mshana

Did You Know This Before?

The capacity of low income women to provide HIV/AIDS education and support to the community and their families have been strengthened due to the knowledge and education they received through various trainings, Peer education and advocacy on women rights has helped women to talk boldly about women rights and sexual issues which are not normally discussed in African. This has helped to break silence about sexual issues among parents and their children which has been one of the biggest obstacles towards HIV/AIDS prevention.

Many women among cluster groups they were beaten by their husbands and have been sexually abused, before they didn’t know where to present their problems. Since trained on women rights they have been involving the concerned authority in solving these issues also helps other women on this. Furthermore the knowledge received helped them to make right decisions on family planning issues, now they thinking about life/ family in a wide perceptive. Salima Chungu reported that: ‘The knowledge she got helped her to tell other people about her sexual life, she talk about the danger of AIDS and having many partners. She is saying that she feels very strong about some of our customs which makes our life more difficult to women, such as wife inheritance and the fact that a husband family inherits the widows possessions even after a legal marriage. Women need to know there are laws which govern a divorce. She helps women to fight for their rights hence help them provide for their children’’

Apart from that women got entrepreneurship skills which help them prepare basic Business plan. This has helped them to access credit from various micro-finance institutions and establish small firms (poultry activities, selling food crops and rearing pigs) and be able to run them in profitable ways. The entrepreneurship skills that LIW members got also brought a great impact to the community because the members are regularly disseminating this knowledge to other people through teaching and the business they run. Many people try to learn from LIW members and through this people want to do their business not longer just traditionally. Low income cluster members are now able to provide support to their families and other community members. Some of them witness that they are no longer using their bodies to earn income, hence they directly prevented from acquiring HIV. Recently they supported OVCs and PLHAs in food and school materials.

Edna Hauli

Tuesday, March 24, 2009




ELCT-SD have for longtime been working with different organizations both within and outside the country. ROADS Project is a community based project funded by Family Health International where ELCT- SD act as an Anchor organization. Under this project ELCT-SD manages two clusters; Low Women Income cluster and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) where Mr. Elineema Mshana works with them as a Field Officer. Both clusters are situated in Makambako town about 180KM from Iringa region.

- To help Women generate income through small business activities to reduce dependency on men, i.e. to make women become independent economically.
- To empower women to fight against women violence in their respective areas.
- To reduce new HIV cases by providing them with appropriate knowledge on HIV/aids through seminars and trainings.
- Sharing with Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), Most Vulnerable Children and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) what they have earned from their small activities.
- To equip them with life skills in order for them to help their colleague
- To build a generation of empowered women who are mentally and psychologically freed from their cultural ties.
- To build an HIV/AIDS free community.

- Enabling Women fighting AIDS through developmental strategies.
- Empowering Women to fight against HIV/AIDS and poor cultural ties.


Naturally, the cluster is composed of small entrepreneurs who run small income generating activities. These activities include squeezing of sunflower oils or seed processing. The growing of sunflower in Makambako enables them to have sunflowers for squeezing oil which in turn are sold and provide them with income.
The photograph shows one of the cluster members in the process of squeezing oil from sunflowers. Such activities provide Women with income to manage their life taking into consideration that most of them are single parents.
Other activities include Kiosk activities where these mothers sell tomatoes, vegetables, onions, fruits and others.


Cluster members receive AIDS knowledge including Peer Education skills. After the training on peer education skills become good peer educators who educate their surrounding community in their working environments through Immediate Social Network approach, this approach maximizes the quality and frequency of interaction with trusted peers, and minimizes time/travel burden and attrition of peer educators who volunteers.
Where the client need more information, peer educators link the client with other information centers for more clarification and further steps including voluntary testing. Such practices have enabled a large number of Makambako societies to be reached with AIDS information and knowledge.


As stated earlier that, this work is a hundred percent voluntary, therefore it is the duty of a Peer Educator to balance her time and peer education activities. With ISN (Immediate Social Network) approach cluster peer educators have managed to develop a well elaborated chain of work.

Special prepared and User-friend forms are prepared for peer educators to fill in information on person received the education on HIV/AIDS, such information include; the place of event, age of the person received education, questions raised during the session.

These peer educators meet once per month foe collection of forms and discussion of matters raised during the session.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When a baby is born depends on Mother to feed it. No matter how hopeless and careless that Mom may be. It is because, the new born baby knows no one except its Mother till when it grows to adulthood, from there, the community takes the role of raising him or her till grave.

During this journey, the community is granted with power to give two things; Hell or Heaven. Hell in sense that, we leave aside those opportunities children were to receive from me and you and vice versa is true.

Today, the community has turned into a real hell; no one is thinking and caring for these young ones. No one is serving them, parents have turned into hell builders, and they are no more the trusted HOPE.

Who would dare to stand out from the crowd and save these Innocent Children if not me and you? Who will be their final HOPE when all around them disappear? Who to show and lead them to the correct path if not me and you?

See these little children; they are waiting for a person to take them to their promised tomorrow, who to do that If not me and you? Are you among them legalizing Child Labour? Assigning them the task to rear your cattle, to do all your domestic activities, to fetch water and collect firewood for you and the like…

Children have DREAMS and expectations too which they hope one day these dreams will come into realities. They hope and expect to be the future parents when I and you are no more. We are destroying our tomorrow EXPERTS, with our own hands, we are destroying the hidden powers in our children.

Children are flowers in our houses and homes sent by GOD himself, if a rose is not watered it withers and its beauty disappears, the same to Children, if not given relevant EDUCATION, they wither and diminish away. Be their HOPE today and always.
Stop Child labour, Serve them to serve you in good times or bad times let us open our hands and welcome the little ones.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Tanzania

Tanzania, ooohh my Tanzania, you were once given the name that did not fit you "The Island of Peace" Ohh Tanzania, where is your peace now? Where is the Promise you promised your children's children? see now, your Community is perishing, see it now, put off that veil from your eyes and see all them clearly, See the disgusting problems facing your street children, see face of your beautiful nature crying because of some few greedy stomach.

Where is your Love? The community is crying, wake up now Tanzania? There are thieves around your home stealing the wealth of your children’s' children because you slept while the door is open. Wake up Tanzania; wake up from your everlasting sleep, your groaning and snoring while your arms are broken!

These tears, such lonely tears of such children are crying for you, are crying for their rights to study that were taken by force from them, they wish and want to study but who can here them for their voice is always been ignored. Look at them, look at such beautiful children; they are our tomorrow’s heroes when you and me are no more.

Where is their HOPE for tomorrow? Who can be their hope? Did they ask God to be born in a Society where no one cares about them? Did you ever think the skills they are carrying within their brain? What have they done to the WORLD?

Ooh My Community, ooh my People, let us wake up now, Orphans are ours, Street Children are ours, they belong to us, remember, their problems are within our capability. Why are we taking away their opportunity to study?

Where is that tear drop you once drop in 1967? Did it dry with the Multipartism somewhere in 1990s? Did you dream last night about the increasing number of the so-called street children?

Wake up my Tanzania, Let us serve the Community because, this is the wall we can build for the coming generation, we can build our home using others money, grants and funds, we have ours, we have what belong to Us, we have what fits our nature, we have the VIRGIN RESOURCES to build our a Heaven in Tanzania. We can, rise up and wash your face, it is almost noon, and your still in your blanket. Oooohh, Tanzania

Welcome to Serve Tanzania Community Blog

Serving Community is never an easy task one can take, it needs time, self giving and volunteering. God himself gave the man, the ability and power to manage the nature and makes it produce for the man. Today, our society has turned into Hell, no one is thinking of the perishing nature, everything is being destroyed to fufill the momentarily needs of certain greedy figures in our societies.

It is better for us to remember that, sooner or later, we shall give an account on what we did on our time to serve the community we were granted to use it.