Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When a baby is born depends on Mother to feed it. No matter how hopeless and careless that Mom may be. It is because, the new born baby knows no one except its Mother till when it grows to adulthood, from there, the community takes the role of raising him or her till grave.

During this journey, the community is granted with power to give two things; Hell or Heaven. Hell in sense that, we leave aside those opportunities children were to receive from me and you and vice versa is true.

Today, the community has turned into a real hell; no one is thinking and caring for these young ones. No one is serving them, parents have turned into hell builders, and they are no more the trusted HOPE.

Who would dare to stand out from the crowd and save these Innocent Children if not me and you? Who will be their final HOPE when all around them disappear? Who to show and lead them to the correct path if not me and you?

See these little children; they are waiting for a person to take them to their promised tomorrow, who to do that If not me and you? Are you among them legalizing Child Labour? Assigning them the task to rear your cattle, to do all your domestic activities, to fetch water and collect firewood for you and the like…

Children have DREAMS and expectations too which they hope one day these dreams will come into realities. They hope and expect to be the future parents when I and you are no more. We are destroying our tomorrow EXPERTS, with our own hands, we are destroying the hidden powers in our children.

Children are flowers in our houses and homes sent by GOD himself, if a rose is not watered it withers and its beauty disappears, the same to Children, if not given relevant EDUCATION, they wither and diminish away. Be their HOPE today and always.
Stop Child labour, Serve them to serve you in good times or bad times let us open our hands and welcome the little ones.

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