Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Tanzania

Tanzania, ooohh my Tanzania, you were once given the name that did not fit you "The Island of Peace" Ohh Tanzania, where is your peace now? Where is the Promise you promised your children's children? see now, your Community is perishing, see it now, put off that veil from your eyes and see all them clearly, See the disgusting problems facing your street children, see face of your beautiful nature crying because of some few greedy stomach.

Where is your Love? The community is crying, wake up now Tanzania? There are thieves around your home stealing the wealth of your children’s' children because you slept while the door is open. Wake up Tanzania; wake up from your everlasting sleep, your groaning and snoring while your arms are broken!

These tears, such lonely tears of such children are crying for you, are crying for their rights to study that were taken by force from them, they wish and want to study but who can here them for their voice is always been ignored. Look at them, look at such beautiful children; they are our tomorrow’s heroes when you and me are no more.

Where is their HOPE for tomorrow? Who can be their hope? Did they ask God to be born in a Society where no one cares about them? Did you ever think the skills they are carrying within their brain? What have they done to the WORLD?

Ooh My Community, ooh my People, let us wake up now, Orphans are ours, Street Children are ours, they belong to us, remember, their problems are within our capability. Why are we taking away their opportunity to study?

Where is that tear drop you once drop in 1967? Did it dry with the Multipartism somewhere in 1990s? Did you dream last night about the increasing number of the so-called street children?

Wake up my Tanzania, Let us serve the Community because, this is the wall we can build for the coming generation, we can build our home using others money, grants and funds, we have ours, we have what belong to Us, we have what fits our nature, we have the VIRGIN RESOURCES to build our a Heaven in Tanzania. We can, rise up and wash your face, it is almost noon, and your still in your blanket. Oooohh, Tanzania

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