Tuesday, August 9, 2011

For the Bright Future

Last month June 2011 I was in Kigoma-Tanzania. I spent some days there at Ilagala and Karago. These are villages sorrounding Lake Tanganyika. I had plenty of time moving from house to house talking to different villagers about life and challenges facing them, It was just curiosity nothing more but to my surprisse; most of these villagers considered education as the most thing they needed at that particular time drawing examples from different neighbours on thier success.

Contrary to thier demand; I found children roaming around, I talked to some of them because I wanted to know why they were at home while it was school time? I obtained different responses from the as follows; I dont have school uniforms! I dont think if schooling is all that I need! I am not interested! My parents never attended school too! and other responses.

The question that remain unanswered to me till today is that, while parents regarded education as the most valuable thing they can leave behind for thier children, they never forced thier children to attend school. Therefore, whose education were they talking about? Was it for thier own children other children?

I wanted also to know, how children with special needs are involved in thier community activities; unfortunately, most of the parents I talked to showed no sign of caring them and just came to find out that, thier disability status was considered as a burden to thier famaly.

I therefore wish to argue all stakeholder to lay down measure to serve the future of our children so when we are gone, there will be a moment for Us to be remembered, not because we visited them but because we had time to develop a bright future for them.