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Among the wise words I like most include this; "Get you knowledge, Go, Serve with Passion" but these words were also a light to me, these words reads as this; "Go forth with everything you have. You have a long way before you. GOD says: I will be with you, Go with strength I give you."
I found the later phrase posted on the wall in my office, may be the person who was using this office before me posted them on the wall, it doesnt bother me who posted them there but my target is, how many of us receive knowledge and serve others who never received any?

Some days ago, I posted an article with the theme: Volunteering in Lushoto- Tanzania, I wish to present my regards to those who took efforts contacting me for their trip over here to share with this community what they possess. I know most of you wants to work with the Rainbow School- The school for Children with Disabilities and Autism, the only one in the Tanga region ( Comprising about seven districts) as you asked me to plan for your stay in here I promise to do that as early as you confirm with me on your arrival date, but I would like also to invite others to volunteer in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and university as per your proffesional and interests leads you to or community in general.

We all understand that, most of us have knowledge and skills obtained from different colleges and universities, I call upon you, invite you, please, come and serve in our community. The community needs no cash but knowledge as it is said; "Give me no fish but teach me how to fish so I can to do it on my own whenever I need one." I promise to cooperate with you, organize your stay, your activities while exploring and enjoying the beauty of Lushoto block mountains, natural forest, caves, colonial historical sites and much more.

My request is, while enjoying this nature, please, take your time to give back to these communities residing in the sorrounding areas, so that they too can undrestand the advantage of preserving these environments.

Among the other places you may wish to volunteer in include these; Irente- The School for the Blind, also with the Children's Home ( where most of them are Orphans and others with thrown away by their unidentified parents or rejected) and this most interesting place: Irente Rainbow School- The School for children with Disabilities and Autism. At Rainbow school, you may also wish to volunteer in the OUTREACH PROGRAM.

What is the Outreach Program about? This is the program where the Outreach team go out in the suburbs of the Lushoto district, find children with different disabilities and Autism, Identify them, mobilise them, counsell their parents to accpet the condition of their children, make refferals where necessary, assist them where the assistance is crucially needed to serve life of the child, organize classes ( Centers) and use the teacher volunteers to teach them basic skills and life skills.

Oureach to me simply means, go out there, establish, develop and maintain network with the distant population with the same goal but also aiming at achieving the same thing. This is axactly what the Outreach program is trying to achieve here. If these people with different disabilities are assisted in daily activities, most of them will at the end of the day be not burden to us but useful.

We need to build the community of independent personalities not dependent personalities.
I decided to write more about the Outreach Program because I believe it is the place where you will enjoy the extraordinary beauty nature of Lushoto- Tanzania while serving others, the nearest trip of the Outreach program takes about 30minutes from Lushoto town and the longest takes almost six hours passing through the Mkomazi Game Reserve. What else you want to enjoy?


Are you interested in conducting short courses for the community during your stay? May be at Legal, Health, Environment conservation, Agriculture, poultry, Gender, HIV/AIDS issues etc? You want to make a MEMORY during your stay in here? We can help you organize this, we can help you with Translation and Enterpretation cases so that your subject will be delivered as your wish. ......and may be conduct exchange programs!!!!!

Thank you and hope to hear from you, come share with Us your knowledge and skills, together We can build the future we want.

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