Monday, December 27, 2010

We are Nothing without Them

Dear Friends
Happy Christmas

For long time now there have been different debates on disability and disabled people. So many declaration have been given out, so many policies have been formulated! but did we ever asked ourselves, what are the individual responsibilities at the family level?

To me, having so many declarations and polcies regarding disability and people with disabilities without involving the individuals and family members, it is more likely as trying to collect wind in a net!!

I have worked with pupils with special needs at different levels, I have read a lot about them, but none of these, have I ever heard on the intended knowldge to facilitate families to take care of thier disabled family members.

My personal testimony is built up by Hadija, she is eight years old, she lives with some of the family members, unfortunately Hadija is suffering from Trauma; “a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from mental or emotional stress or physical injury”. That's not the same as traumatic physical injury. The big difference is one is the injury and the other is the emotional “state” you are left in.

Hadija is a denied child, she is lonely and attacked by giggers, I have been with her in most of my times ( on those days) we could spend three five minutes talking about this and that, she really needs somebody near her. It is at this very moment I acquire some crucial information about her background and family, among others, she always insists that, she hates having giggers in her toes and fingers but who will help her digging them out? At home, everyone separates from her, she has no companion and her bilogical mother suffers from Psychitric, she knows these things, she listens and understands what the other family members speaks against her but she is helpless.

My take is; what does it make Us human without loving others? where does the family pleasure comes from if some of our members are denied and rejected by our speechs and actions? Can we really be Us without them?? Who else shall serve them? the mere government policies? International Aid Workers??

No, I think it is our time, for you and me, yes, me and you to stand out, strongly oppose formulation of policies that does not help the intended ones, then for sure Thier pleasure will be completed by our actions and speeches. May the Good God Bless you.
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