Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Many are times when individual considers themselves as others or being regarded, people feel so much that, one person resembles other in way way or another. The major difference comes vivid when it comes to specific behavior of the individual. In this case, one can group people in several groups which in this discussion are regarded as types. There are nine personalities that rules our life.

Anger avoidance

people under this group struggle and do anything possible to flee themselves from anger, in nature, they are critical and value themselves only when they have done something perfectly and are satisfied with the results. They are time keepers, they are not ready to loose some crucial time lazily.

Attention Seekers

This group contains individuals who are always ready to meet the needs of others at the expense of their own. They do this for the sake of their pleasure expecting nothing in return, they always feel that, they have the role to fulfill others needs.

Wisdom seekers

This type comprises individuals who never accept emptiness in their mind, they are ready to earn seeking more knowledge and understanding of the things and the world.

Failure Avoidance
Here you meet individual who are eager to do anything just to make sure that, they run away from failures, they always want to achieve higher and stay higher in success. When they have a goal to achieve ahead of them, they put all their efforts and identity to achieve it.

Deviance avoidance

They pursue life as governed by the law and norms and are always loyal and dedicated people. Avoidance of wrong is a prerequisite to all things and any opposition to them is seen as dangerous and malicious. They always feel insecure, afraid and worry over trivial matters.

The special ones

These people struggles a lot to avoid being ordinary. They see themselves as the best and persons of refreshment and sensitivity but envy others who seem more natural than they are. They are charming personalities, have good tastes and are well manned.

Pain Avoiders

these are optimistic and fun loving people, they avoid pain and often avoid noticing pain or distress in others around them. They tend to avoid pain, mental, physical or psychological thus are idealists.

The strong ones

these are the people who would do anything possible to show their strength and avoid any weakness. They glorify their strength, to them life is a struggle and they are courageous. At times they seek attention by doing only what can be noticed. They are always ready to face head on any opposition and are very intimidating, often saying 'No” to people.

Harmony retainers

the last type of personalities include those people who will always try to avoid conflict by maintaining harmony. Tension or lack of harmony between people makes them uncomfortable. They are peace covers and so always try to maintain their own inner peace. They love tranquil environment, when conflict occurs they cope with them by denying the importance of the sources and cause of the humor and tend to see life as a routine which should never be changed.

Having gone to this far, the major questions remain; In which category are? What about friends living in the countries where there are fighting each and every hour? Thank you to a piece of news letter I picked from the bin.


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